Thursday, October 24, 2019

Shipping—the world’s oldest industry and the first global business. It has been the engine of trade throughout the millennia and the source of pride, industry and employment. The industry has seen recent growth and the demand for qualified employees has never been greater. But what is being done to support and attract more women to work in shipping?

Many effective organizations are dedicated to women encouragement into the shipping, and they are truly making a difference. However, more can be done to develop networks, training and tools to engage women into marine and to shape actively an enabling environment to sustain a competitive advantage of UAE Maritime Industry.

“Pink Hat” is the initiative of developing a community of skilled employees among women in the Maritime Industry, those women who have been successful, to mentor and provide support to those just starting out in the industry and those considering a role in marine – “LAHA”.

The initiative is taken place at several levels and in various sectors of the industry, as well as aims to be best achieved through the sustain coordination, effective and timely task solution.

The growing movement of Maritime women, forming a spirit-filled community who share awareness, mutual caring, support and combined resources to be a constitution of the sustainable shipping industry.

Encouraging innovation and creativity of ideas and methods in project initiatives of empowering women in various stages of their lives that are seeking professional and personal growth within the Maritime Industry through creating the conducive environment of socialization perspectives, education, self-reliance, skills development and leadership training, in order to enable females to contribute to the development of the industry in the region.

“Pink Hat” initiative is able to lay the foundation for a huge increase in the number of women in shipping. As part of the campaign, a goal of achieving the highest-ever growth of Maritime women within 10 years should be set, as women are essential for a robust future of Maritime Industry so that to be an effective employee in shipping, you don’t need a strong back — you need a strong mind.

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