Ince & Co Middle East Rebrands to Ince

2 Jun 2019

Ince & Co Middle East LLP (Ince Dubai) is pleased to announce that following a strategic review, it has rebranded to ‘Ince’.

The name change follows Ince Dubai’s successful integration into Ince Gordon Dadds, a dynamic international law firm.

In January, Gordon Dadds successfully acquired Ince & Co LLP, which comprised Ince’s London, Beijing and Shanghai offices. These offices, together with Gordon Dadds, joined together as Ince Gordon Dadds.

Ince Dubai was one of five former Ince & Co international partnerships to join Ince Gordon Dadds in April. The positive benefits of this integration have been felt immediately, including access to a broader set of expertise, stronger marketing power and a more efficient back-office structure.

Ince Gordon Dadds has grown to now include offices across eight countries in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Most of Ince Gordon Dadds’ affiliated entities will be known as Ince, except for the London-based private client and family practice, which will be known as ‘Gordon Dadds’.

Clients will see no material difference in the way Ince interacts with or services their business. The only noticeable change is the new identity, email addresses and website.

Ince will continue to advise clients on matters within a wide variety of sectors, maintaining its specialist knowledge and experience in shipping, aviation & travel, energy & infrastructure, commodities & trade, TMT, gaming, leisure, hospitality, retail & commercial real estate, insurance and private wealth & family.

Rania Tadros, Managing Partner of Ince Dubai said:

“The rebrand to Ince is the next step in the process of integration with Gordon Dadds. Our clients remain at the core of our practice and I look forward to growing the business as we continue to offer them an impressive breadth and depth of service both by practice area and geography.”

Adrian Biles, Managing Partner of Ince and Chief Executive Officer of Gordon Dadds Group plc, said:

This is an exciting moment for our business. The Group has had a stellar year, expanding both the services we can offer our clients, as well as our international footprint. This name change represents the culmination of everyone’s hard work over the last six months.”

“With the behind-the-scenes integration of both firms well under way, establishing separate brands was the next logical step for Ince and Gordon Dadds. This acquisition strategy has been hugely successful for the Group, growing revenues to over £100 million this coming year. With these identities in place, both are in an even stronger position to service their distinct markets with their specialist offerings.”

“I look forward to introducing clients across the Group to Ince and Gordon Dadds. Together, as part of Gordon Dadds Group plc we will continue exploiting our much larger international presence to deliver the suite of business and professional services that our clients demand.”

As part of Ince, clients will have access to an integrated global team, including over 500 legal experts, working from offices in London, Cardiff, Hamburg, Cologne, Piraeus, Gibraltar, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing. Ince continued to further develop and strengthen its relationships with local law firms in jurisdictions where it does not have an office to ensure full global coverage for clients.

Ince and its affiliated companies are part of Gordon Dadds Group plc, which includes a variety of companies offering a full suite of legal and business services. In addition to working with Ince, clients now have easy access to these other organisations within the group.

Passionate, motivated and dedicated to delivering the very best services, Ince’s team of talented professionals takes pride in providing clients with clear strategic guidance and well-considered advice. Together, Ince embraces any legal and business challenge no matter its nature or complexity, location in the world or time frame.

From now on Ince will be mailing clients from a new email address: and available online at: