Dubai Maritime City Authority Highlights Strengths of Local Maritime Sector at Marine Money Gulf Ship Finance Forum 2019

31 March 2019

DUBAI – The Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA) drew global attention during its participation at the 15th Marine Money Gulf Ship Finance Forum, amid praises for Dubai, one of the world’s best maritime capitals, following its inclusion in the top five cities in the International Shipping Centre Development Index. During the event, the DMCA officials showcased the initiatives meant to enhance the marine attractive investments and promote the local maritime community. Dubai is now one of the most competitive maritime capitals in the world, according to the results of the international report of the Menon Economics.

Ali added: “The event represents a strategic platform for us to share Dubai’s most successful experiences and best practices in the light of the emirate’s pioneering experience in building a sustainable, comprehensive, and innovative maritime sector capable of supporting its economic diversification efforts and trade development. We aim to build a community based on the solid foundations of innovation, knowledge, and intelligent transformation. We look forward to further strengthening the channels of communication between regional and global leaders to identify the strengths of the maritime clusters in recognition of the sector’s role in boosting the sustainable development of Dubai and the UAE.”

The DMCA officials also joined several interactive seminars during the event along with leading experts, decision makers, dignitaries, and leaders to help come up with effective solutions to current and future challenges as well as to maximize opportunities for the sector’s sustainable growth at the regional and global levels.

Al Wahedi said: “Dubai has emerged as an attractive destination for maritime investments amid the emirate’s economic growth and the relentless efforts of the DMCA to raise the local sector’s competitiveness by focusing on innovation, creativity, sustainability, human capital development, and improve logistics services according to the globally accepted standards. As a result, Dubai was named one of the top five maritime cities in the world, the first Arab city to make the achievement. The emirate was also included in the list of the best naval capitals in the world in 2017.” Al Wahedi added: “The Forum served as an ideal platform to discuss the most pressing issues facing the global maritime industry, particularly with regard to ship financing and shipping. We renew our commitment to continue providing the means to create a sustainable, inclusive, excellent, and diverse maritime economy.”