Amid Huge Acclaim to “Sea Dubai” Platform Dubai Maritime City Authority Concludes its Successful Participation in the Dubai International Boat Show 2019

4 March 2019

Initiative represents an active partnership between the public and private sectors to attract more investments that support the growth of the marine leisure sector

Authority increases validity of foreign yachts’ visitor permit to six months and immediately grants sailing permits upon arrival in Dubai waters

DUBAI – Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA) concluded its successful participation in the Dubai International Boat Show 2019, which was recently held at Dubai Water Canal, amid a positive response from regional and international maritime leaders of the successive achievements and innovative initiatives that represent the cornerstone of Dubai’s competitiveness as an influential force on the global maritime map. The DMCA has listened closely to visitors’ requests, views and aspirations in line with its efforts to develop a full range of attractive incentives for luxury yacht owners from around the world as part of a collaboration with the public and private sectors as they are real partners in promoting Dubai to the world’s maritime leaders.

The visitors assessed DMCA’s pioneering efforts to simplify and facilitate procedures, and extending the validity of marine licenses for foreign yachts visitor for six months to attract more luxury yacht owners and operators; to complement the consecutive successes in accelerating and facilitating the issuance of formal approvals for marine seals and boats of all kinds (So that the authority allows foreign cruise vessels to obtain a sailing permit at the time of arrival and immediately); in addition to the provision of smart services and modern marine infrastructure, technical and legislative, through innovative initiatives led by the “Sea Dubai”; which provides comprehensive services to develop recreational leisure areas, recreational yachts and cruises, promotes recreational marine licensing for yachts and marine means of all kinds, as well as driving licenses of marine and recreational training companies and provide comprehensive information on marinas and marine clubs.

The updated version of “Sea Dubai” has received remarkable attention given its pivotal role in promoting strategic partnerships between the public and private sectors to promote marine leisure activities that are strategically important as a vital driver of economic diversification. Therefore, the importance of the initiative lies in the fact that it is a key pillar for the promotion of marine leisure activities as a major component of the local maritime community, which has reached the most competitive, attractive and distinctive maritime complex in the world. It establishes a clear mechanism for strengthening, developing, coordinating and enhancing the integration of products and initiatives supporting maritime activities, which will ensure a unique experience for the world’s leading seafarers and the pioneering level of Dubai’s leisure marine map.

Amer Ali, Executive Director, DMCA, explained that the major drive in maritime initiatives in Dubai demonstrates the high level of confidence given by the regional and international maritime community to DMCA’s capabilities and continues to move forward in enhancing the competitiveness, attractiveness and inclusiveness of the maritime sector, based on innovation, sustainability and excellence.

He emphasized that DMCA will continue to cooperate with the private sector to further attract maritime investments in accordance with the directives of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to boost the participation of the private sector as an active partner of the government in achieving sustainable development. Ali further noted the importance of consolidated efforts to attract more investments to the local marine sector and benefit from the exceptional facilities and incentives provided by the Authority, especially to owners and operators of luxury yachts. The services include marine licensing services, smart services, modern maritime, technical and legislative infrastructure and logistics capabilities that equal the best in the world.

Ali highlighted the huge interest enjoyed by Sea Dubai initiative, which is a major new step towards attracting new investments set to benefit from promising opportunities within Dubai’s leisure maritime sector. He added that the latest updates provide all the significant information on all kinds of maritime leisure activities being organized in Dubai in line with global best practices and the latest technological innovations. It further boosts the leading maritime activities in Dubai, especially in building world-class tourism facilities, as well as in creating new jobs within the marine leisure sector, which is an important foundation for developing, organizing and consolidating the maritime sector and establishing Dubai as one of the most important global maritime clusters.

DMCA’s three stands attracted a huge number of visitors at the show. The Smart Solutions and Mobile Services stand highlighted the latest innovative applications and electronic smart platforms, which complement the national trend towards intelligent transformation which support the efforts towards spreading the culture of innovation. The Dubai Maritime Virtual Cluster stand showcased high-level interactive features of the Cluster (, a smart knowledge and research platform that contains an integrated portfolio of maritime services designed for use by regional and international investors and encourage foreign direct investments. Visitors of the Registration and Licensing stand also had the opportunity to obtain maritime licensing services onsite in accordance with innovative processes to verify maritime compliance with technical specifications, maritime safety regulations, local environmental requirements and international standards, and provides quick and efficient services aimed at achieving the highest levels customer happiness.