Port Automation Summit

With the increasing demand for larger container vessels and increasing labor costs in developed nations, ports around the world are increasingly turning to automation to maintain their competitive advantage in the industry. While port automation is a strategy for the long haul and will take time to bear fruit, it is undeniable that it is necessary, not only to meet the business objectives of faster turnaround times and increased efficiency, but also to increase safety at ports and reduce costs in the long run. Automated terminals are also capable of providing round the clock service, resulting in a consistency that cannot be achieved by manual operations alone.

Equip Global’s Port Automation Summit 2019 is your golden opportunity to hear from port operators, terminal operators and port & maritime authorities on how they have successfully implemented automation technologies at their ports.

Taking place from 30th July to 2nd August 2019 in Singapore, through case studies, this summit will bring together key decision makers and experienced automation project leaders to discuss port automation technologies such as automated Ship-to-Shore Cranes, Autonomous Vehicles, Gate Automation Systems and Automated Straddle Carriers, how to devise plans to automate port processes, challenges associated with integrating automation technology into port operations in brownfield ports as well as how to assess which areas of the port should be prioritized when considering automation to reap the greatest benefits.