DROPS Oman Forum

DROPS Oman Forum aims to bring awareness on the prevention of dropped object incidents at work place.

Dropped objects refer to any items or objects that have the potential or capability to cause harm or damage due its fall from height. Among the various hazards in a work environment, dropped objects from a height are critical aspects, causing risks to human workforce and process efficiency. These dropped objects are caused due to corrosion, vibrations, collisions, snagging, dislodging and various other factors that lead to serious injuries and equipment damages in day-to-day processes. The objects that commonly fall, range from drilling equipment, structural items, ancillary fixtures and fittings, tools and hardware.

Even in developed economies, dropped objects are still one of the top causes of fatality. With the probability of an incident so high, the risks must be controlled and managed.

This Forum is a prime opportunity to network and learn from other companies in the industry and share best practices in implementing a robust DROPS program – in particular how some of the top operators, drilling contractors and service companies in the industry are working together to create a collaborative vision in global DROPS practices.