4th Annual West Africa National Security and Armoured Vehicles

West Africa is making impressive progress in economic growth, democratisation and regional cooperation. Although the recent rise in violence and conflict as well as drug trafficking, piracy, extremism and other emerging threats are the only things sparking concerns over its future development.

As such, the West Africa National Security & Armoured Vehicles (WANSAV) conference (25-26 June 2019) in Lagos, Nigeria will gather regional infantry commanders, armoured regiments, directors of national intelligence, inspector generals and commissioners of police, immigration and border control authorities to tackle these evolving threats and improve the resilience of homeland security across West Africa.

Be a part of the event to network with stakeholders who will discuss:

  • Sourcing the best armoured vehicles for operations in West Africa
  • The optimal utilisation of C4ISR systems to help fight criminal and insurgency groups\
  • Cutting-edge technologies for police patrolling and law enforcement tactics and equipment
  • How to better equip yourself against landmines and IED’s
  • Cyber security for the fastest growing population of internet users
  • Future plans to improve security levels in West Africa and procurement programmes