143 Startup Battle

Join Startup Battle to find Diamonds in the Rough to Invest in or the Startup Investors for your Current Venture.

Pitching at the Startup Battle is a great opportunity to:

  • find investors; raise money from venture funds and private investors;
  • acquire practical advice from experienced venture capital professionals;
  • find partners and clients, expand your network;
  • present your startup to a wide audience and the investment community.

If you are going to build a successful startup, try your hand at investment battles! All you need to do is register the Startup, and fill in the Profile on the Event Page. Upon reviewing your application the Startup Network team will contact you with feedback.

* The deadline for applications of startup companies is April 20.

Based on the results of the Judges’ online voting, one startup will be chosen as the winner of the Startup Battle.

Join as a Guest our startup conference to:

  • learn where to invest money to get good returns;
  • learn how to invest in startups;
  • meet the best startups;
  • learn how to find investors;
  • learn how to start a startup;
  • become a part of the startup community.