Dubai WFZO – 4th Annual International Conference & Exhibition

The 2018 AICE theme, Free Zone 10X The Path to Prosperity will address the journey of Free Zones – currently at a tipping point – to go beyond the traditional pillars of employment, trade and investment and to embrace safety, security, social responsibility, sustainability, entrepreneurship and incubation as drivers of prosperity. This year’s edition will address issues through the perspectives of Measurement, Acceleration and Connection and explore the power of innovation to harness the true potential of free zones by enhancing safety mechanisms, becoming more inclusive and transforming the communities they operate in.

AICE has established itself as an important annual gathering of experts from the world’s free zones, associated entities and multilateral organizations. The 4th edition will attract delegates and representatives from trading powerhouses such as the United States, China, Brazil, India as well as from emerging economies such as Dominican Republic, Khazakstan, Mali, Nigeria, Togo and Uruguay.